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Hear from our members on what it is like to be a part of TPJJ

A honest review from a happy parent ... Thank you Professor Kaleo, staff and Team Papakolea Jiu Jitsu.

My son is like any other five year old, he is active, social and ready to learn. After enrolling my son with Team Papakolea Jiu Jitsu my wife and I saw a huge improvement in his everyday life. He is more attentive, follows direction a lot better and is more focused both at home and in school.

As a parent you want what's best for your kids. Giving your kids the opportunity to learn the gentle art of Jiu Jitsu is one of the best things you can for both your kids and yourself. Professor Kaleo and his staff know how to communicate with kids of all ages. They teach respect, focus, and really helps the kids build their self esteem. My son eats and sleeps a lit better now too ... feels great knowing my son has a healthy lifestyle!!

The Gentle Art ... Let's be honest in this review!! The last thing I want is my son to be bullied or become a bully. These days that's all you read and see on social media. Team Papakolea Jiu Jitsu teaches and always reminds their students to respect and help others in and out of class. Knowing my son can self defend without having to punch or kick anyone is really comforting to me.

The staff is great and everyone is really welcoming. It's awesome to be greeted by other parents and students from the adult class. Really nice to see the adult class student helping and kids class too. It's like a growing family at Team Papakolea Jiu Jitsu.

Ricky K.

I came from Arizona to Hawaii for vacation and researched Relson Gracie Academy. I messaged and received a quick and courteous response by the black belt instructor professor Kaleo Auwae. From when I touchdown to when I left, he guided me making sure I got to each destination offering contact info etc. Great jiu jitsu class, instruction, lineage, traditional jiu jitsu, self defense.

Jacob M.

Steve A.

AWESOME experience! I tried out the first free class, knowing NOTHING about jiu-jitsu and feeling pretty intimidated at first. However, my confidence grew quickly as everyone there is super welcoming and encouraging! A great atmosphere to learn in. Kaleo is a great instructor. I feel like I learned so much in just the first class and got a great workout. As a smaller framed girl, I always wanted to learn some defense techniques. I think this is the place for me to do that, while also gaining strength and flexibility. I left feeling exhausted but loved it! I definitely recommend this place and will be signing up for more classes!

Colette F.

I started class December of 2013, the cardio warm up is awesome also low impact to your joints as I am well over 50 years old. Kaleo is an excellent instructor who is very dedicated to his academy. Another important aspect is they stress safety when practicing this art. Kaleo and Team Papakolea treat all new comers like family. I am so blessed to have become a part of TEAM PAPAKOLEA'S FAMILY. Sorry Kaleo, I am a lifer with you guys. My only regret is I didn't take this up 10 years ago. So for you men, women, and especially children looking for the best experience in the best martial art in the world come on down and see for yourself. I did and I will continue to do so as long as I can.

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